Benefits of Choosing Mistral Kitchen Worktops

Mistral worktops are made using synthetic surfacing material that is made of an enhanced acrylic based resin compound together with natural mineral fillers.

The benefits as well as features of mistral worktops are derived from the format of the product as well as the inherent characteristics of the solid surface material.

Thus, mistral worktops are a combination of creative freedom of the acrylic based solid surface materials that has its breathtaking looks inspired by the beauty of stone and quartz to give a surface that invigorates the imagination of interior designers and homeowners alike. Here are some of the reasons why mistral kitchen worktops are a great choice:

  • Mistral worktops UK are non-porous making them extremely hygienic, stain resistant and durable – Due to their non-porous nature, air, moisture and even liquids cannot pass through them meaning there is no laying ground for a buildup of bacteria.
  • These worktops are inherently strong. The mistral worktops have joints that are 100% solid surface to solid surface effectively offering maximum joint strength. Overall, a skilled craftsman will not leave any visible joints making your seamless worktop.
  • Cheap mistral worktops can be easily shaped and curved with ease to just about any form you can dream of achieving thus making it ideal for the kitchen. In fact, not only do you have endless design options in terms of shapes, curves and soft edges, the joints will be seamless and inconspicuous. Consequently, you will not need to worry about special modules to accommodate your kitchen needs.
  • Mistral is beautiful. Mistral kitchen worktops are available in a vast array of colours hence you can be sure that these worktops will fit into any kitchen regardless of your style.
  • Thick solid surface – Mistral kitchen worktops are made using 25mm thick solid surface that is rare to find making it compatible with just about any sink including Belfast sinks. Furthermore, with the thickness of the range of mistral worktops UK, you can rest assured that the durability and strength of the surface is greatly maximized.
  • Mistral kitchen worktops are easy to maintain – Mistral worktops are easy to care for and clean. The presence of any apparent scuffmarks may be eliminated with a maintenance kit or Karonia care.
  • Mistral worktops have a great visual appeal – These worktops are can be installed with seamless joints in between the worktop sections. Coupled with the wide range of colours that you can choose from, mistral worktops have a great visual appeal that make it suitable for just about any kitchen. When installed properly, these worktops will look stunning in any kitchen design.

How to Care for Mistral Kitchen Worktops

Despite the many benefits of mistral worktops highlighted above, these worktops must be taken care of appropriately to ensure that they stay in good shape.

  • Avoid placing hot pans directly on your worktops as intense heat can damage the surface as is with other worktop materials. Instead, use a trivet or hot pad under hot pans as well as other items like oven trays.
  • Do not slide hard objects over the surface especially those with ceramic bases that are unglazed since ceramic is extremely hard with a high potential of scratching the surface.
  • Avoid using the worktop in the place of a chopping board.
  • Even though it is porous, ensure that any spills are wiped up as soon as they occur.
  • Do not expose your mistral surfaces to strong chemicals like oven cleaners and paint removers.

Overall, mistral kitchen worktops are a great choice for your kitchen. If you are looking to buy this worktop, you can visit BBK Direct and shop from their range of cheap mistral worktops. You may also speak to the home improvement experts at BBK Direct for advice on how you can make this worktop work for you.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Earthstone Worktops

Worktops are no doubt a very important aspect of your kitchen. This is because you need adequate counter space when cooking. Kitchen countertops are available in different styles and types that you can choose from to ensure the kitchen is not only easy to work in but also stands out in terms of style.

If you are looking for something elegant, stunning and long lasting, you will do well to consider earthstone worktops that are made using 28mm chipboard and acrylic surface that is bonded to its front and top faces. Earthstone worktops will look wonderful in the kitchen especially when complemented with wooden kitchen cabinets and splashbacks.

One of the greatest selling points of earthstone worktops is the fact that when fitted properly, they have seamless joints thereby giving them an attractive and stunning finish that sets it apart from laminate worktops.

Besides, this worktop comes in different colours hence you can easily settle for a colour that complements the colour scheme of your kitchen. In most cases, the choice of design is dependent on the colour scheme of the kitchen as well as the durability and maintenance of then surface.

Earthstone kitchen worktops are highly durable hence long lasting. This can be attributed to the fact that they are non-porous hence do not allow the penetration of stains and even fluids. In addition, this surface also inhibits the growth of bacteria and mould making it very hygienic.

While it is said to be heat resistant, you will do well to avoid placing very hot pans especially those from the oven directly on the surface. Instead, you need to protect the surface with the help of worktop savers and trivets. Moreover, be sure to use your chopping board when slicing food.

Even then, you need to keep in mind that these work surfaces will be scratched over time but these can be removed by polishing. Keep in mind that some earthstone worktops UK especially the dark ones will show marks and scratches easily than those that are light coloured. Most importantly, you need to understand that like any other solid surface worktop, cheap earthstone worktops are bound to develop surface scratches. In addition, you will need to avoid spillages and if any, then be sure to wipe off immediately.

Even then, this solid surface worktop has both advantages and disadvantages just like any other worktop. Here are the main advantages and disadvantages of earthstone worktops UK that you need to know before buying:


  • Earthstone worktops can be installed with inconspicuous joints that give it a smooth, sleek and modern finish.
  • These worktops are non-porous making them resistant to common strains while preventing the buildup of bacteria.
  • Minor scratches can be removed through polishing as part of the regular maintenance procedure while more severe bumps and marks can be gotten rid of through sanding.
  • Earthstone kitchen worktops are a lot cheaper than quartz and granite worktops.
  • These worktops are easy to install even though you will do well to get a professional fitter to install for your


Earthstone worktops UK present two major disadvantages that include the following:

  • Although they are cheaper to maintain, cheap earthstone worktops require a special kit to ensure that they remain in a good state for a long time.
  • The earthstone worktops tend to get scratches easily. This is particularly true for those worktops that either have the lightest or darkest colours.

Read more about it here, Earthstone kitchen worktops are a great choice not only for their functional value but also for also aesthetic value. In fact, with these worktops you are guaranteed of getting value for your money.

5 Things to Consider before Buying Wooden Kitchen Worktops

Wood has for a long time been a popular choice of material for kitchen worktops. Even with the introduction of other materials such as granite, Corian and quartz, wooden kitchen worktops continue to be an all-time favourite. This is mainly associated with the many advantages that these worktops present.

wood-kitchen-worktopsBesides, wooden worktops are part of green movement as they are fully renewable with most of them being gathered from recycled sources in addition to being bid

Interestingly, not all wooden worktops UK are the same despite sharing common properties. This is because different kinds of timer are used ranging from oak to teak, beech, walnut and maple among others.

Solid wooden worktops are not only easy to shape but also fit hence, the installation process is quick as the worktop is not set away for cutouts. Wood counters are versatile and ideal for modern as well as traditional kitchens.

Moreover, wooden kitchen worktops strike a great balance between functionality, affordability and visual appeal. Thus, while it is not as cheap as laminate worktops it is also not hard wearing like granite hence can work for just about any kitchen design. Unlike granite that is unforgiving and cold wood is more warm and nicer to be around.

If you are considering buying wooden kitchen worktops, here are some things you need to consider:

  • Moisture – It is rather obvious that water and wood do not mix. Even then, most of the time worktops tend to be around moisture from sinks and foods yet the finish needs to be maintained. The recommended finish of choice for the butcher block tops is mineral oil if you are not using the work surfaces at a butcher block. Although there are other finishes like lacquers and urethanes, these are not food grade finishes. The major disadvantage here is that the oil finishes need to be applied on a monthly basis. Thus, the possible solution would be treating your wooden worktops as more of a tabletop and less of a cutting board.
  • Cracking and splitting – Wood is organic in nature hence it is subject to warping, cracking, splitting, burning and even discoloration depending on the degree of neglect or abuse. For instance, if your kitchen door looks split and weathered, it is likely due to neglect. Keep in mind that wood needs to be well maintained to bring out its timeless beauty.
  • Stains – In the event that your wooden kitchen worktops are stained, you can consider having them sanded out. Even then, you need to avoid splitting and warping. Most importantly ensure that your provider will seal the surface with a sealant that is not just waterproof but also durable.
  • Sinks – When installing a sink on your wooden worktop UK, it is crucial to ensure that the worktop is finished with durable material to avoid warping, splitting or blackening.
  • Joinery – When buying your wooden worktop from BBK Direct, you need to ask the experts about how they will join the strips to form the tops without having ugly seams exposed.

Wooden kitchen worktops are an excellent choice of worktops as they are renewable, hence a green alternative that are gathered from recycled sources. Even then, you need to take all the factors discussed into consideration so that you make the most of your investment.

Why You Should Choose Apollo Slab Tech Kitchen Worktops

slab-tech-whiteIf you are shopping for kitchen worktops, you will definitely focus on a number of things such as relevance and durability. For this reason, you need to consider the other options that are available on the market before settling on a specific worktop.

If you would like to have a quartz product but you cannot afford it, consider Apollo Slab Tech worktops. These kitchen worktops is a revolutionary composite worktop product offering a solid surface worktop that takes after quartz even though it has a seamless finish. This worktop is unique and luxurious combining various aspects of quartz and the solid surface that are easy to maintain and install.

The Apollo Slab Techis a mixture of polyacrylate resin and natural mineral that form a thick solid material pf about 30mm that is ideal for a kitchen worktop. The interesting thing about this worktop material is that it has the appearance of natural stone like quartz. Even then, the difference between the two worktop materials is in the fact that Apollo Slab Tech worktops have unobtrusive and seamless joints.

Apollo Slab Tech worktops come in a variety of colours that you can choose from what will work well for you. These colours will not delaminate or fade. Apollo Slab Tech solid surface worktops also come with the advantage of being non-porous hence stain resistant. Thus, stains that are on the surface can be cleaned off easily without worrying about the occurrence of permanent marks and dull patches.

If you have not made up your mind about buying Apollo Slab Tech worktops here are some reasons you need to consider:

  • Apollo Slab Tech kitchen worktops have an appearance and feel that is similar to quartz thus you can get a luxurious look for less.
  • Installation of Apollo Slab Tech solid surface worktops does not necessarily require a professional installer as it can be done by a competent DIY enthusiast
  • This worktop is available in a range of colours that will suite every style.
  • Apollo Slab Tech worktops are non-porous, hygienic and naturally resistant to mildew, bacteria and mould.
  • These worktop is hard wearing and durable with excellent impact resistance making it an ideal investment for home owner
  • This worktop is also easy to maintain and clean
  • Unlike stone worktops that tend to be cold, this worktop is warm to touch
  • Apollo Slab Tech worktops also have seamless and unobstrusive joints
  • This worktop can accommodate integrated or undermounted drainer grooves and sinks.

Apollo Slab Tech kitchen worktops may be bought as modular systems in specified sizes. Alternatively, they may also be made to measure and be installed by a professional fitter.

Should you invest in Apollo Slab Tech Worktops?

Well, if you are interested in achieving the look of quarts worktops but cannot afford it, then Apollo Slab Tech solid worktops are the next best bet. Although quartz mainly comprises of natural material with an insignificant amount of acrylic resin, Apollo Slab Tech is mainly made of the resin than the natural mineral.

Thus, not only is it non-porous but it can also accommodate solid surface sinks.  Even then, you need to know that Apollo Slab Tech worktop’s surface finish is not high gloss finish as is with most worktops. Rather, these worktops are finished to a soft sheen that give them a warm feel of a solid surface worktop.

Ultimately, Apollo Slab Tech kitchen worktops are a great investment as they combine both functional and aesthetic values to give your kitchen a great look and feel.